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→ EvilGaemGyu: (110823) Kim Won Joon, jealous? Park So Hyun reveals her ideal guy to be Super Junior’s Shindong

Park So Hyun revealed that her ideal guy is none other than Shindong of Super Junior.

On August 23rd, Park So Hyun tweeted, “I finally found my ideal guy” and posted 2 photos where she’s posing with Shindong.

In one of the photos, Park So Hyun is hugging Shindong tightly, smiling as…

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→ EvilGaemGyu: (110824) Shindong reveals he lost 15 kg in 3 weeks

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It seems that Super Junior member Shindong is doing really with his diet, as he revealed on the latest episode of ‘Strong Heart‘ that he’s lost 15 kg (33 lbs) in just three weeks.

Another guest on the episode, Lim Soo Hyang, commented, “You look a lot better in person,” to which…

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